Sarah Woodward Hypnotherapy

For a long time popular theory was that our brains were “hard-wired” after our formative childhood years. Neuroscientists now know this is not so and we can change our brain and our behaviour over time, meaning our brain is more like modelling clay than hard, breakable porcelain.

Neurons in our brains fire up as we process thoughts and neurons that fire together, wire together to create pathways. The more we repeat those same thoughts the more the neurons fire and the stronger the connection becomes, making it easier and easier to think this same way the next time. The brain will always take the route of least resistance and if we are in our primitive brain, thinking negatively and constantly on the lookout for danger then that is exactly what we will find as we become so well practiced.


If you imagine going for a walk in the forest, you can see the well trodden pathway, free of any obstacles like rocks, fallen branches and tree roots, you know where it leads – to a dark, dank area the forest that’s not particularly nice, you always go this way, not because you like it but because the path is clear and easy. This time though, off to the right and away from the path you see something that looks interesting to you, maybe it’s a good place to admire the sunset from and you decide to explore. The first time you walk this new route, the ground is bumpy, the grass long with brambles arching from one side to the other – but you make it through – it wasn’t easy but you enjoy that sunset – it was worth it!

The next day you walk the same route, you can see the grass is a little flat from the previous day and can see the direction to go in making it a little easier than the first time. After a few times you’ve begun to form a little track which the more it is trodden, becomes wider and wider, clearer and clearer, easier and easier to walk. The other path that you used to walk each day has now grown over, branches may have fallen across it. Now the new path to a more pleasant destination is the easiest to walk.


Similarly we can train our brains to stop taking the well trodden path to the negative destination, responses and behaviours and begin to carve out new, positive routes, routes of less stress – ones that lead us to the beautiful sunsets!

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which can help you to make those changes you want in your life, whether it’s to feel more in control of your emotions, be more confident, banish negative self talk, finally break an unwanted habit and more.

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