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Sarah Woodward Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and safe state of consciousness. We are in hypnosis when both our conscious and subconscious minds come together to focus on the same one thing. So, this is something you will already be experiencing many times a day – for example while watching television, driving a familiar route…you know that feeling when you arrive at your destination and can’t recall much about the journey? or when you get engrossed in a book and all of a sudden hours have passed and it’s evening and you need to switch on the lights!

Is It Safe?

Yes! Hypnosis is a 100% natural state. Nobody can go in to hypnosis against their will. When in trance you’ll remain aware of your surroundings and the suggestions given will only be accepted by your mind if they are appropriate.

Will I be under your control?

Not at all! Hypnotherapy is not the same as what you may have seen on TV. You will remain in control of what you say and do at all times. Also, contrary to popular myth, you do not need to be counted out of hypnosis, it is not possible to become stuck in trance. This means, at any point, if you needed to, you could open your eyes and get up and be fully conscious and aware once more.

Who will benefit?

Everyone! Hypnotherapy is such a versatile tool it can facilitate changes in all areas of life. Not only are the effects positive for you, but also for those close to members, friends, work colleagues can often feel the benefits too. Client’s often tell me that not only has the condition or problem they came to see me about improved, but also their relationships with others as well as their overall outlook and enjoyment of life too.

For a list of the common issues I work with, see the Areas of Work page.

What can I expect?

First of all we’ll have a discovery call. This is a 20-25 minute chat either over the telephone or online via Zoom video call. It’s a conversation in which we can chat briefly about what you would like some help with and whether hypnotherapy may be suitable for you. It gives you the opportunity to gauge if I’m the therapist for you, who you feel comfortable speaking with and if you wish, we will book in a date and time your first session so you can get started on overcoming the issues that have been concerning you.

Your first session is what I like to call the Foundation session as this is where we go more in depth on what you would like me to help you with and what your best hopes are for our sessions together. We will discuss how the therapeutic process works, along with a dollop of brain geekery which will help you to make sense of your experience and gain a clearer image of how we will work to get you back on track and I will begin to formulate your tailored therapy plan. 

Our sessions will be a combination of positive reflection and working together in a solution focused way to relieve anxiety, stress and unwanted behaviours as well as uncovering the next steps you can take to move you towards your goal. We then follow this with relaxing hypnosis, and it’s during this phase of the session that your subconscious will consolidate the positive solutions and continue to develop the positive future image for yourself. Following each session, you will often feel rested and revitalised.

How many sessions will I need?

Each of us is unique so the answer to this varies from person to person and how deeply the issue affects you.

However, you will be pleased to know that solution focused hypnotherapy works very quickly. Generally speaking, an average of 6 to 12 sessions for the most part although this is dependant upon the issue and the length of time the issue has been present. Some conditions, such as a specific phobia can be just 3 sessions following the foundation session. I’ll be able to provide a more accurate estimation of the amount of sessions required at the end of the foundation session once I know more about the issue you have.

Do online sessions work as well as face to face sessions?


Online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face to face hypnotherapy. Some clients prefer to relax in the comfort of their own home. Be sure to have a cosy blanket to hand, as when we relax our body temperature automatically drops a degree or two. Also, if others are in the same building as you at the time of your session, let them know you are unavailable for an hour and not to disturb you.

Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Hypnotherapy is highly effective and has a proven track record for helping not just with psychological issues but physical too. The NHS, many doctors and health professionals also recommend hypnotherapy. Outcomes cannot be guaranteed, just as with any other therapy. Client’s commitment to therapy is vital, not just to attend sessions but also to put what is learned into practice and seek the changes desired between each session. Listening to the relaxation MP3 track each night and a willingness to move forward is essential. The client must be willing to embrace change.

Can I have a free trial?

Sure! Booking an online or telephone Discovery Call is the perfect way to find out more and will help you decide if you would like to work with me.

Feel free to get in touch by call or text to 07960 149455 or book an appointment by clicking:

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