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Before qualifying as a clinical hypnotherapist I knew I wanted to help others as much as possible.

After qualifying and setting up my practice, I started looking for ways I could give to my community while still being fair to myself, my family and my fledgling hypnotherapy practice. 

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And then we went into lockdown and going anywhere wasn’t an option anymore!

Hmmm, it was time to rethink!

It was then I discovered Anxiety UK.  A national registered charity that was formed back in 1970. Reading about the background I learned that founder, Katharine Fisher had experienced Agoraphobia and it was her desire to support others who were similarly affected that led Katharine and her husband Harold to form Anxiety UK.

This really struck a chord with me as I have had my own issues in the past with social anxiety. It was because of this that I decided to train as a solution focused hypnotherapist to support others with this amazing therapy that had helped me so much.


Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

So, I applied to join the team!

I’ve been checked by Anxiety UK to ensure that I meet their standards with regards to qualifications, insurance, criminal record and supervision. I’ve also completed their specific training and assessment process and following this I was invited to join their team of approved therapists.


This is a role I’ve taken on in addition to my everyday hypnotherapy practice.

To me, it feels important to be giving to the local and wider community in some way. By working with Anxiety UK within their team of approved therapists, I can do just that. It enables me to help individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access hypnotherapy to support them with their anxiety. Through Anxiety UK member referrals, I see online clients at reduced rates set out by the charity’s framework.

You can still work with me without a referral from Anxiety UK through my private hypnotherapy practice. I offer a FREE online Initial Consultation so you can meet me and find out more. There’s no hard sell and your under to obligation to continue to sessions if you feel hypnotherapy is not right for you.

Feel free to get in touch by call or text to       07960 149455 or book an appointment by clicking:

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Further Information

For a list of the wide range of issues solution focused hypnotherapy can help you with, take a look at this page of my website Areas of Work.

More information about Anxiety UK, including details on how to become a member and access therapy via their discounted rates by following this link: